How Safe is Your Scent?

A fellow survivor recently told us that when she spilled an air freshener in her home, it damaged the finish on her tile floor. Another person chimed in and explained that her husband's car air freshener leaked and damaged his dashboard. What’s in air fresheners that’s so powerful that they can create this type of damage you ask? CHEMICALS.

If the chemicals in these products are so strong that they can ruin dashboards and floor finishes, what are they doing to our health and the health of our children and pets? We shouldn't have them in our homes and around those we love. The Environmentally Protection Agency states that the air in our homes is 2 to 5 times (sometimes 100 times) more toxic than the great outdoor air!

Fragrance is so much more than a scent. When I get a waft of perfume, fabric softener, or hand sanitizer, my body reacts right away. I also can't stay in a room that has burning scented candles, since I'll become nauseous and get headaches. Once I realized the harmful effects, I switched to all natural products. Turns out, I never get headaches from non-manufactured products!

People misunderstand the concept of fragrance. Fragrances should be created from nature and natural products; not from perfume, fabric softener, and laundry detergents. The world is gifted with amazing natural aromas from flowers, essential oils, natural potpourri, citrus, and herbs!

Stay tuned for our next blog about essential oils. They're not only healthier and safer, they're also therapeutic! Your two legged and four-legged family members will thank you.