Rainwater Tea and a Green Home Tour


I organized a home tour so those interested in learning about green products and professionals could hear first-hand from a homeowner on the benefits of building one for yourself. It was a fabulous afternoon spent with a great group of people that are passionate about learning more about what it means to live in a sustainable, non-toxic world. 

We saw first-hand how rainwater can be captured and used onsite. And the homemade orange-infused Texas rainwater prepared by Peggy Kolnowski for the tour was simply delicious! It prepped us for the enticing questions and answers that lay ahead. We sipped and listened while Tom Kolnowski educated us on the green sustainable features in their home. 

He covered everything from the paint to the minute details of the inner workings of their heating and cooling system.

One thing I particularly loved, though, was Tom's demonstration of their Integrated Vacuum system, which helped everyone understand how best to keep dust out of their home. He explained that, in their last home, when Peggy would start to vacuum he immediately had to reach for his inhaler and leave the house. He wasn't being overly sensitive - as it turned out, the micro dust was sneaking through the HEPA filter.

 The photo above shows more details and insights shared from the event: