Healthy Home Tips

1. Keep a mat inside and outside of your door for wiping your feet.

2. Remove your shoes when entering your home so you don’t track chemicals and allergens in.

3. Do not use toxic air fresheners in your home, instead invest in an essential oil diffuser.

4. Do not use dryer sheets, instead use dryer balls.

5. Use non-toxic cleaning products in your home.

6. Open your windows and let the fresh air in (when pollen count is low).

7. Check out NASA’s clean air study and recommended houseplants. 

8. Use organic sheets and blankets We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

9. Purchase organic mattress topper and pillows.

10. Invest in an organic mattress.

11. Paint or stain with no or low VOC sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, paints and stains.

12. Purchase curtain fabrics and window treatments that have no toxic chemicals added.

13. Remove carpeting, it hides chemicals and is a breeding ground for dust mites.

14. Use eco-friendly flooring like ceramic tile, cork or wood that has not been treated with a toxic finish.

15. Purchase an area rug that has no chemicals or toxic dyes and that can be easily cleaned.

16. Buy solid wood furniture that has been finished with non VOC products.

17. Hire a landscaper who does not spray chemicals.

18. Plant the correct plants for your area and climate.

19. Purchase products from a reputable retail store like TreeHouse who research all their products.

20. Check out the Green Professionals on Green For A Reason for bigger jobs like building or remodeling.