Why am I Passionate About Getting Toxins out of our Homes?

I am a cancer conqueror. I can’t just survive this disease, I cannot be a cancer survivor, I have to conqueror it.  

It all came to a head when I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Like most people, when cancer returns it is far worse the second time around. This time, I was truly fighting for my life. My first diagnosis did not scare me into doing anything different, but my second one? It was so severe that I knew I had to do something different in order to save my own life.

So, I started by informing myself. My research started with my family of origin: 50% of my family members have been diagnosed with cancer. But none of my other relatives have had cancer. I was born and raised in a small village and none of our direct neighbors have had cancer. What was left but my - our - home environment?

It was through research that I uncovered the toxic products each and every one of us have in our homes, in what is supposed to be our safe havens. The products we use to build our homes, the furniture and paint we decorate with, our kitchen cabinets, carpets, flooring, curtains, mattresses, they are all releasing toxic chemicals into the air we breathe.  

While looking for less toxic products to put in my home, I found no directories, no resources and no common places where people could easily find builders, painters, interior designers, architects and products. So, I was inspired to start the first resource image directory of Green products and Green professionals.

We all have a part in the overall health of our personal, professional and global environment and we can take small steps like using Zero VOC paint, buying furniture, mattresses and fabrics that have low or no toxins. If you are building a new home or renovating, contact an architect and/or builder who has expertise in more sustainable products. And if you need some inspiration, check out Green For A Reason’s growing directory.

If you are a green professional or have green residential products contact us here.

I want to make a difference; I care and believe that we all can live in a healthier environment.  This is so incredibly important for us and for generations to come.